Steve Buscemi Eyes

There is a new (or is it already old?) meme floating around the internet: Chicks with Steve Buscemi Eyes.

My friend, Tuan, has mad Photoshop skillz and decided to Steve Buscemeyes a few friends.

Here is the real Steve Buscemi, if you aren’t already familiar:

Click photo for source: Wikipedia

I’m going to share these next few images with you because I love you and because I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw them.

Jonathan looks shockingly like Smeagol.

Here’s Josie:

So creepy.

And finally, me:

What’s your favorite internet meme?



4 thoughts on “Steve Buscemi Eyes

  1. Have mercy. Jonathan looks like he could be any guy other than Jonathan. You look like Day 4 of a non-stop rave. But Josie? That one almost made me pee my pants. That’s crazy awesome! I think I just found my new favorite meme. These are hilarious.

  2. I think Steve Buscemi eyes kind of make you look like a hardened meth user. On the other hand, I think all pugs kind of have those eyes.

    I don’t know if I could pick a favorite meme, but I absolutely had not heard of this one until…now.

  3. Josie is so cute, no matter who’s eyes she’s wearing! Any my favorite meme is raisins (I don’t know if it has another name?) that’s now a family joke.

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