Josie’s trip to the beach

Today marks my second official day of graduate school.  Here’s to hoping I picked the right field and that I can complete it without losing my mind.  Isn’t that what all grad students think?

Hopefully I’m not alone here.

To keep me sane, I’ve painted my nails a lovely shade of champagne.

The Next CEO by Nicole OPI

Have you tried the Nicole OPI line?  It’s pretty fantastic.

Moving on…

I’m going to spend today prepping for class, working out, and finding my zen place.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite shots of Josie at the beach:

I love this picture because you can totally tell that she's thinking, "Oh sh!t, that's a big wave!"

Josie has discovered a newfound love for swimming in the ocean.  I frequently get shin-deep in the water because I am absolutely petrified that I will have to perform a rescue mission.  She thinks she is a giant labrador, and I think she looks like pea next to those waves.

I apologize in advance for the next picture.  I find it hilarious.

Best Butt Buddies

When I was little, we had a black lab/vizla mix, named Cassie.  We ONLY have pictures of her butt.  haha  She loved mooning the camera.  Josie is much more of a ham.

Doesn't she look like a creature of the black lagoon? Maybe a mermaid? Something freaky is happening here.

These next ones are my favorite.

Smart dog:

Not-so-smart dog:

Full of wisdom:

The hamster fell off the wheel:

What are you doing this week to keep yourself sane?


7 thoughts on “Josie’s trip to the beach

  1. Your post just made my day of boring work, trying to find interesting websites better. I literally LOLed in my shared office…shhh. Also, good luck in grad. school and remember there is always alcohol to fall back on when you feel that you can’t take it anymore!!

  2. Love love love this blog Mads.
    The main thing I’ve learned about graduate school is that it isn’t as hard as it seems. The key is just to be really proactive about reading all the materials (sometimes a couple times) and staying organized in your time management of classes, work, and life. Naturally I still wait til the Sunday before to do essays but whatever. I’m a procrastinator.

    To stay sane this week after the breakup I read the wikipedia synopsis of He’s not that into you… watched a few episodes of Say Yes To the Dress, and have practically scrubbed my dogs and my room clean. This weekend is so close and will be fun in the sun at the Lake of the Ozarks with boating and outlet malls so I have a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Hope you’re well. Love the puppy pics. Especially the last couple.

  3. Zig perked up at those pictures of Josie romping in the ocean. He had his “bow-chicka-bow-wow” face on. I think he’s in love. But then, so am I. I have a pug fettish and I dream of kidnapping Josie and making her my own. In my mind, anyway. Love the champagne nail polish, and find the name wildly appropriate for a grad school student. It’s an omen (the good kind).

  4. Oh, Josie the wanna-be Water Spaniel. Just when I think she’s the most gifted pup in the universe, she goes and out-gifts herself. I’m so glad I can proxy-live with her through you 🙂

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