Oh, so thaaat’s what being engaged feels like

It feels the same!  haha  I do feel very lucky though.  And a tad bit overwhelmed.  And a little shaky from excitement.  But overall, so very lucky to be marrying the man that makes me ridiculously happy.

How did he do it, you ask?

Well, Jonathan took me out to my favorite restaurant for a birthday dinner celebration last night.  I had a sneaking suspicion that he would propose during dinner (he put on his fancy pants…a sign something was amiss).  When he didn’t propose at dinner, I thought, “Nah.  He’ll do it some other time.”

And then we went home.

Later on he said, “I got you a birthday cake!”  He made me close my eyes to blow out the candle and make a wish.  When I opened my eyes there was a card on the cake that said, “Will you marry me?”  Then he got down on one knee and said some ushy gushy stuff that neither of us really remember because we were both a little nervous and a lot excited.

While he was proposing, he set the cake to the side and Josie saw a window of opportunity and attacked it!

Notice that hunk missing?

Thaaaanks, Josie.

So now we’re ENGAGED!

The end.


p.s. There was no non-awkward way to end this post.  I hope “The end” took care of things and wrapped it up in a neat little package for you.


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