Perfect Margaritas

Summer is coming to an end, which is a good thing or a bad thing, depending on which part of the country you live in.

This summer I spent the majority of my time farting around and living up the last few months of freedom before school starts.  Oh yeah, school starts in 1 week!  Yipes.  I’d like to say I’m mentally and emotionally prepared, but the only thing that’s prepared is a backpack full of notebooks and pens.

So, in order to make this last week of summer truly count, I am making margaritas.  I feel like we could all use a cyber-cheers this week.

Who’s with me?!

Perfect Margaritas

2 cups margarita mix

1 cup tequila

¼ cup Triple Sec

1 capful Rose’s lime juice

Fill blender ¾ full of ice.

Add ingredients and blend.

Put in freezer until ready to serve.




11 thoughts on “Perfect Margaritas

  1. Although I’m sad to see the end of summer, I love the fall too. Just don’t ask me how I feel three months from now when we’re about to head into winter….

  2. The moment I started reading this recipe, I had a cabin flashback. Like, there was no other thought process. Just your Mother and I Workshopping the crap out of our lives.

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