Poll Results: What was Josie thinking?

Last week I asked you all to vote on what Josie was thinking in this picture:

The poll results were pretty close:

Unfortunately, the majority of voters got the answer wrong.

“So tired. Must. Keep. Head. Up.” was incorrect.  Josie has never been tired for a moment of her entire life.  In fact, when she “sleeps” at night, I’m pretty sure she is just scheming her next move with eyes closed.

“I should have ordered a craft beer.  This water is seriously lacking in hops.” was incorrect.  We’ve decided to wait until Josie is of legal drinking age to try beer, so she does not yet know the joys of the craft brews.  😉

“Oooo!  Someone dropped a french fry!” was CORRECT!  Just as Josie has never stopped moving, she has also never thought of anything other than food.  Notice that double chin and triple neck roll?  Yeah, that doesn’t come from watching what you eat.

Thanks for playing!



5 thoughts on “Poll Results: What was Josie thinking?

  1. This is hilarious! And Josie is seriously cute! My pup is the same way – she could have literally just finished her bowl of food but she’ll still give you the “please, sir, no one feeds me” look if I happen to be eating something nearby.

  2. I love that she’s staring that french fry down like she’s willing it to jump into her mouth with her mind. Josie the telekinetic pug. She’s going to rule the world some day. The world! mwuhahahaha (evil laugh)

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