Sunset harbor cruise

Life got completely surreal last night when Jonathan and I decided to go on a sunset harbor cruise with 8 other people.

For $15 per person you can show some dock boy your driver’s license and captain a boat for a few hours.  Do they care where you go? Nope!  Do they care if you’ve ever been on a boat before?  Nope!  Booze?  Why not, Captain!

I had no idea places in America still existed like that.

Anyway, we got settled in and took out to sea.

The trip was filled with wonder and delight.  Or at least, it could have been filled with wonder and delight had our boat load of people not been screaming, “I WANT TO SEE DOLPHINS!”

Nonetheless, we took in some sights.

The Queen Mary (ever-present in this blog’s narrative):

Thar she blows

Tons of oil rigs:

The oil rigs are presented to you in sepia in order to minimize feelings of rage.

Chevron’s lovely oil tanker, The Mississippi Voyager:

We got so close, the workers aboard the ship stopped to see if we were planning on crashing right into their side.

My favorite sight of all was the seals:

I would like to say this was a zoomed shot, but this is actually how close we were. At this point, a few passengers aboard thought it would be a great idea to toss them some shrimp cocktail. It was terrifying.

We just so happened to cruise on the same day as the Jazz Festival in the Marina.  Over 1,000 jazz fans packed the marina.  Most of the people were walking casually about the marina, but a large number of them were also on (incredibly expensive) docked boats in the harbor.

Packed marina.

Needless to say, parallel parking a rental boat was tricky.

Captain Greg had no boating experience, but we all put our faith in him.


When it was time to pull the boat forward to readjust, the engine slipped and Captain Greg gunned it in reverse.

Directly into one of those expensive boats filled with people.

A thousand jazz fans collectively went “Woah”.

It wasn’t pretty.

This was my cue to step off the boat and run away.

And so ended a lovely sunset cruise in the harbor.

Have you ever been in a boating mishap?  

What’s the craziest animal you have seen in the wild?  



12 thoughts on “Sunset harbor cruise

  1. Okay, please tell me your trip did NOT end like that and that you just added that last bit for effect… if not, I hope you can run really fast:)

    No boats, but we had a close call in a H-U-G-E Rv.. actually, quite a similar story. We were at a wine festival at the coast. Let’s suffice it to say that 5 couples ended up rolling into each other all night as we were high centered at about a 45 degree angle. Did I mention that I had volunteered my hubby (fiance at the time) to drive. So glad I am older and wiser now!

    I once saw a moose, oh, and the orcas in AK were awesome.

  2. No boating mishaps here (thankfully!). I love seeing animals in the wild that you don’t see on an everyday basis. We have had plenty of deer in our back yard but twice in my life (since Grumpy and I have been together) I have seen a buck with a large rack in velvet. The first time I saw it I will never forget. It was almost majestic and I wish I had a photo. The second one I saw was just this last weekend and I did get a photo. While it wasn’t majestic like the first buck, it was still pretty darn awesome!

  3. Seals are SO cute! I love seeing seals in the wild so much that I insisted that Hubby & I visit them in San Francisco on our honeymoon. His response? “Boy they kind of stink.” Way to kill the mood. My dream vacation is to see a polar bear migration.

    • haha I am totally scared of seals! I saw a ton in the wild in New Zealand and I got a little too close for comfort. They started barking/hissing at me and I ran screaming.
      Polar bears?! COOL!!! That would be so awesome to see.

  4. No boating mishaps here either..I tend to get claustraphobic and thus stay on dry land as much as possible. Funny how I’m okay in a plane though, huh?? 🙂

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