A Pug’s Happy Hour

Want to know the greatest thing about the dog park being in the middle of downtown Long Beach?

No, it’s not the homeless people who yell at your dog.

No, it’s not the fear of traffic running over your dog as you exit the park.

Man, you are not very good at guessing.

It’s the bars with patios right next door!

Jonathan and I decided it was time to break Josie into the happenin’ social scene, so we went to the Congregation Ale House for “Midday Mass” (aka happy hour).

Religion not required

Congregation has a pub feel with an extensive beer menu that rotates daily.  Waitresses in Catholic school uniforms serve you $2 fries and some of the best sausages and flatbreads I’ve ever had.  The grilled artichoke is a personal favorite.

In true bloggy style...His: Strand 24th Pale Ale Hers: Duvel Single

Josie had the water.  A fine choice.

I love themes.  I particularly love themes that work well in bars.  Congregation pulls it off:

Now we just need the 10 commandments of craft beers.



If you have pets, do you ever take them to patios?  Is that too icky?

I have never thought of pets in restaurants as icky.  Mainly because I’m not eating off of the floor, but I can see how some would hate for Josie to tag along.



14 thoughts on “A Pug’s Happy Hour

  1. We don’t take Ziggy to patios because he has no idea he’s a d-o-g. I’m pretty sure he’d try to climb into a stranger’s lap and beg for food. I don’t mind pets on patios as long as they’re well behaved. Josie looks like a model of decorum. Ziggy would never sit still under a table. Plus, he could never stay calm near a craft beer. Our neighbor brews his own beer, and Zig has been known to lick wart juice off his driveway. It’s puppy crack. Seriously, we just can’t take our dog anywhere. {wink}

    • Oh, don’t be fooled by the pictures…Josie is insane. I had to keep her leash under my foot so that she only had an inch of wiggle room. She nearly licked the leg of the person at the table next to us. Not cool.

  2. On vacation, there were a bunch of strays that would wander onto the patio and I couldn’t help but like them and feed them scraps. The management got mad, but what’s an animal lover supposed to do?

  3. I wouldn’t mind Josie dining next to me one bit. BTW–I saw the coolest card at World Market of a pug that looked just like Josie, but she had a Betty Boop type lipstick thing going on. It was adorable–you must put lipstick on Josie and pimp her to card companies.

  4. I would be delighted to see Josie on any restaurant patio! I don’t find it icky at all–have you ever visited Asheville, NC? It’s a very dog-friendly city–we went to a restaurant there with “parking spots” with water and treats for your pooch to wait outside…so cute 🙂

    • I haven’t, but that sounds so cute! It is a dream of mine to visit the south. I’ve never been, unless you count The Keys, which I don’t.

  5. I don’t know if I’d take a pit bull to a patio. Not that he’d bother anyone, but he’s kind of an asshole about sharing his food, and he’d probably eat my grilled artichoke.

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