Phoning it in

Mr. Jonathan was home from work today after a long weekend away in Las Vegas.

So we knocked out some errands and took some naps.

Which leaves me with little to blog about.

Sometimes we need that.

Instead, I will be phoning it in.  Did you know I used to have hot pink hair?

That’s my best friend from college.

She decided to leave me and flee for Puerto Rico.

And then she came back.

And then she decided to leave me again and flee for India.

I cannot keep track.

I miss her with all my little heart.

Someday we will live in the same country again and all will be right with the world.

I know not everyone that reads this is from Minneapolis or LA…so…Where are you in the world?



8 thoughts on “Phoning it in

    • Thanks! I have an obsession with scarves and hats. I buy them compulsively.
      Now if only I could pull off belted outfits like normal humans. My body just looks like a gift-wrapped Tootsie Roll if I belt anything.

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