CSI: Long Beach?

Get on your fake boobs, spray tans, and white linen pants…”CSI: Miami” is filming in Long Beach!

“CSI: Miami” films most episodes in Long Beach, but today they are filming right outside of my apartment!  I told you I was a freak for celebrities and today is no different.

Found on flickr from a different day of shooting. I find it hilarious that you can actually see the "Long Beach Blvd" sign in the background.

My dislike of Horatio is epic, but you best believe I have already hopped downstairs for an opportunity to be in the background of a scene.  I also took Josie in case they needed a crazy pug stunt-double (she’s not trained enough to be a Hollywood pug star, but I have no doubt she could leap from burning buildings or do backflips if necessary).

Sadly, security surrounded most of the film crew/stars, but I did chat with a crew member very briefly.  Everyone on set had “CSI: Miami Season 9” t-shirts.  Maybe I should change my goals to simply acquiring one of those shirts.  Bad. A$$.

Apparently there are a lot of shows that film right down the block, one of my favorites being “Dexter”.

Michael C. Hall "Dexter" and Jimmy Smits "Miguel Prado" chillin on my beach.

*fingers crossed* I get to meet Michael C. Hall or maybe even Alexander Skarsgard, because apparently they film parts of “Trueblood” around here too.

Vampires? Yes, please.

What show would you Love to have filmed outside your house?  

What CSI is your favorite?  I’m a Las Vegas fan myself, but that’s because Gil Grissom does death puns the best.


16 thoughts on “CSI: Long Beach?

  1. We LOVE CSI Miami purely for the cheese factor. Initially, I totally had a hate on for Horatio…but then one day I found myself waiting on the edge of my seat for another fantastically cheesy, overly-dramatic line….we don’t watch often. But, when we do, we take great joy in laughing at Horatio!

  2. Wow, this makes me want to move house now. There’s not much that happens round my way… Victoria Beckham was born near my area… that’s about it.

    • Trust me, I had nothing famous going on around my home in Minneapolis. I get pee-my-pants excited for celebrities in LA because it’s all so new to me. Hopefully it wears off soon.

  3. Awesome. I wish Bones would come to NZ and give me a chance at seeing David Boreanaz in real. actual. life! I think i’d probably melt. Or collapse into a stuttery mess. (I have a huge teenage girl crush on him from his Buffy and Angel days.)

    And I’m not really a CSI fan. I do like NCIS sometimes though. Which is… almost? the same thing?

    • I had a HUGE crush on Angel!! OH the memories.

      NCIS is ok…I really don’t like the lab tech chick, but you can’t win them all. Jonathan DVRs every single episode though.

  4. What!?!?!?! Dexter films on your beach? I LOVE that show! I’m such an idiot. I just assumed it was filmed in Miami. Promise me you’ll pimp Josie out for an episode of Dexter. My favorite Pug on my favorite show would push me right over the edge. GAH! I’m so jealous.

    • Dexter is definitely a favorite! Pretty much everyone on that show is really really ridiculously good looking.
      I will attempt to find where they are filming and get Josie a spot on camera. They haaave to be cool with that, right?

  5. I would DIE if they were filming True Blood outside my house. Alexander Skarsgaard is my personal idol and even though I don’t think this season is very strong, I am swooning over this Eric/Sookie situation going on!

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