Today in Tweets

I spent 9 hours downloading music on Spotify.  I’m still disappointed in my tastes.  Although, Shaggy’s tunes won’t download themselves.

Jonathan is going to a bachelor party in Vegas.  He also bought himself a Buffy the Vampire Slayer t-shirt.  Somehow these two facts cancel each other out.

After last week’s post, I now know Josie’s life is totally more interesting than my own.

I made homemade “Ghetto ‘Gria” out of $2 Chuck, Triple Sec, honey, and berries.  ‘Twas a delight on the palate.

My drug-dealing neighbor has been in police custody for almost a month now.  Somehow two giant dove coops have popped up on his rooftop.  Yes, live doves.  Baffling.

Buying a 4 pound pork shoulder seemed like a really good idea at the time, but now I realize I only cook for two people.  SO MUCH MEAT #firstworldproblems

Do people still darn socks?  Is that a skill I need to have?  I’m not sure why this is a concern.

What’s your day like in tweets?



10 thoughts on “Today in Tweets

    • No idea. It has something to do with fixing the holes in socks. I usually throw them away if they have holes. I think this is a generational thing that is disappearing.

  1. I feel like if I knew how to darn socks it would definitely be something that I would want the world to know about. I’d probably change my tweet tag name to be Plumsauce10: I darn socks now. And then make sure I documented all socks that I had darned for everyone to see.

    Alas I don’t darn socks and if I’m honest I’m not entirely sure of what is involved in the darn of a sock. It’s something to do with fixing the holes right?

  2. I downloaded Spotify recently and can’t get enough! I downloaded some Shaggy too, it’s on my guilty pleasures playlist….along with a bunch of 90s, twas my hey day!

  3. I’m still chuckling over Two-Buck Chuck sangria and the idea that the doves thought it was safe to move back into the neighborhood now that the drug-dealing neighbor is in the pokey. That’s good stuff.

  4. Your life in Tweets are some of my favorites. Also loving the fact that Jonathan hanging in Vegas is cancelled out by the Buffy shirt. BTW–you seem to have forgotten to post the pic of J in said shirt. 😉

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