7 Habits of Highly Effective Pugs

I read The Pioneer Woman every day, and I’m guessing most of you who read this blog do too.

Well, when she posts about her lazy sleepy basset hounds, Charlie and Waltoh, I can’t help but be filled with immense envy.  I mean, I know Josie is still a puppy, but I can’t fathom a day where she doesn’t run around with crazy amounts of energy and ADD.

She needs looooong walks, trips to the dog park, and massive amounts of attention at home to even get the slightest hint of a sleepy look in her eye.  And they say pugs don’t need a lot of exercise!  Try owning Josie for a minute and a half.

Anyway, all of this pent up energy means Josie is out and about on the town a lot.  She is what they call in the biz “a highly effective pug”.

I’m not sure what this “biz” is, but I’m sure it exists.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Pugs

1.  Graduating College.

Education is extremely important for any pug

2. Blending in.

Some say to stand out from a crowd, but any highly effective pug knows this is not the case.

3. Agility training.

You never know when this will come in handy.

4. Chewin.  Toes, specifically.

A pug's version of grabbing the bull by the horns.

5. High Fives.

Use this for the purpose of workplace comradery.

6. Emergency Preparedness.

7. Stay on top of competition.

Don't be afraid to dominate Like a BOSS


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