Chocolate is my girlfriend

If music is my boyfriend, then chocolate is fo sho my girlfriend.

Any other CSS fans out there??

No?  Ok, moving on…


She is my girlfriend.

Not just any ole chocolate…Lindt “A Touch of Sea Salt” dark chocolate.

I want to melt it down and swim through it’s chocolatey salty goodness.  I want to eat a s’more with this chocolate, but without the graham and the mallow.  I want to liquify this puppy and drink it out of a fancy teacup.  I want to eat this every day for the rest of my life.

Is that too much to ask?

What’s your favorite form of chocolate?  If you don’t “like” chocolate, you better hope you have a winning personality because otherwise our friendship ends here.


P.S. The winner of the Zappos giveaway is Kathryn!!  Congratulations!  Hope you find some shoes you fall in love with.


17 thoughts on “Chocolate is my girlfriend

  1. Have you had the World Market Sea Salt Dark Chocolate? They had singe serving squares that I keep at my desk and eat one a day. I got all the girls at work hooked on them!!

  2. Okay, I thought I was a lover of the chocolate but I am obviously in the dark because… SALTED chocolate?? Really????? Never realised such a thing existed! I’m a little simple with my chocolate taste, give me a Galaxy bar any day of the week and I’m yours.

  3. Oh I love this chocolate…I’ve used it in recipes I’ve posted too!

    BTW, I want to make the Ceasar Sandwich too….however I will have to put chicken in it to make Grumpy happy. Tonight I made the Peanut Sauced Chicken Pitas….they were YUMMY too!

  4. Amen. I tried that for the first time last spring and it was AMAZING. Who knew that combo could be so delightful?

    My favorite type of chocolate is dark. Straight. Period.

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  6. Wow. The salty/sweet combo is a winner every time. I’ll eat chocolate in any form, but my absolute favorite splurge chocolate bars are from Vosges–they have interesting flavor combinations that sound weird, but really work. The Red Fire bar is my fav: dark chocolate, chipotle chili powder, and cinnamon. Or Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar: deep milk OR dark chocolate, applewood smoked bacon, and alderwood smoked sea salt. Or the Barcelona with hickory smoked almonds and fleur de sel. I die.

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