Desert Oasis: Palm Springs Outlets

Palm Springs is lovely this time of year.  I had never been, so I was expecting golf courses, extreme heat, and old geezers.  Instead, the desert oasis offered poolside relaxation, bumpin’ nightlife, and OUTLET MALLS!

(I said “outlet malls” like Oprah says things…you know, all shout-y and announcer-y)

The Cabazon Outlet Mall is the biggest I’ve ever seen!  They have everything from Gap to Armani to Le Creuset.  I had to avoid Le Creuset with every fiber of my being, mainly because some day I will have a registry and I will want to pepper it with Le Creuset.  Jonathan thinks it’s a “white person thing”, but I think it’s a cook’s dream.

Anyway, I really wanted to do an outfit collage for you, but it is next to impossible to find outlet items online.  Bummer.

I did, however, find a picture of my favorite purchase of the day: COACH BRIEFCASE!

Coach Signature Hudson Commuter Bag

The original price was $379, but I got this puppy for $160!  It quickly went from a want to a Must Have once I found out the price.  I figure it will be perfect for grad school and future job stuff (in my dreams I have a job).  At this rate, I will have to apply for jobs haha.

What’s your best recent purchase?  Do you love outlets as much as I do?



18 thoughts on “Desert Oasis: Palm Springs Outlets

  1. Le Creuset is totally a cook’s dream. I currently have a dutch oven on my wedding registry, just waiting for someone to buy it – ha.

    I totally heart outlet malls. I went this weekend and picked up some J. Crew goodies. What’s not to love?


  2. If it’s a place that sells shoes then I can pretty much spend the whole day in there. Alas due to lack of funds this mainly includes putting the shoes on, walking in them, looking down at them in a longing manner and giving the biggest sigh in the world before I promptly remove them and put them back on the shelf… aw man, now I want a new pair of shoes.

    Love the bag, triple bonus if you can justify the purchase with an actual reason for buying it. Awesome.

    • I did a lot of shoe-sighing this weekend too. I can’t justify Cole Haan shoes until I have a job. Luckily DSW has some really great deals.

      • Best shop in England for that is a shop called Top Shop. Their shoes are awesome and REALLY cheap. Yes the heels break off really quickly but I’ve learned the art of hobbling on nails for heels and I still manage to get a lot of compliments for all of the shoes I wear from there. In my opinion, there is nothing better than receiving a good compliment on the shoes your wearing. Best compliment out there.

  3. I bought a stone / iron caterpillar at the Farmer’s Market for our hosta beds. My main man Jose wanted $69, but he took my last $60 and emptied my wallet.

    • Nice. Is it next to the ant? Or are they doing a front yard vs. back yard battle? If I recall, the side of the house is No-Man’s-Land.

      • Shame on you. I’ve established a nice hosta/fern bed in the far corned by the porch. The caterpillar is hiding amongst the hostas. And, there are now TWO ants…the king and his queen carrying a parasol. Best yet, they really don’t seem to be phased by the insecticide…

  4. I do love outlet malls, but sometimes I feel like I can get just as good of deals at the regular store’s sales sections. Little compares to the feeling of getting a good deal, regardless of where you get it though!

    • Sometimes I feel that way too. Luckily we got coupon books for being AAA members, so I lot of our purchases were even more discounted.
      Note to self: Always shop with a seasoned fashion vet.

  5. Absolutely LOVE Outlet malls. I almost exclusively shop at a (somewhat) local mall here in the MN. When you get outlet mall coupons via email, it’s almost an injustice not to take advantage.

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