Does everyone else…

purge their home of clutter and frantically clean after watching an episode of “Hoarders: Buried Alive”?

collect wine corks in vases as decoration?

hate the new intro for “White Collar”?

cut pizza with kitchen scissors?

love love love Lays Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper kettle chips?

wish it is was physically possible to sleep past 9am like you did when you were a teenager?


yeah, me too.



4 thoughts on “Does everyone else…

  1. Cutting pizza with scissors!! Of course! I’ve been using a innapropriately-large-and-not-particularly-effective knife. Now that I know of the scissor option I feel my pizza cutting experiences will excell marvelously. Thanks Mads.

  2. Kettle Chips must be in the air, lately. For the last three weeks, I’ve been trying not to eat them off of the extras table in the lunchroom or dragging home bags and bags from the grocery store. Like, I have no idea of where it’s coming from. And then, today, Linds told me she was having the same insane craving. It’s official. It’s A Thing.

  3. Kettle chips, yum!!!
    I’m a stack person. There’s a stack for everything in my house. Magazines, check. Bills that I am too lazy to file and don’t want to throw away just in case I have to call and yell at someone over the phone about a $2 misplaced charge? Check.
    Bottles of wine that I rarely get to drinking? Check.
    Happy Friday!

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