Worst Day in History…

…for Jonathan.

Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven was today.

Jonathan decides to grab a free slurpee.

Some a$$hat teenager grabs the last free slurpee cup.

Jonathan’s soul is crushed.

The end.


8 thoughts on “Worst Day in History…

  1. Poor Jonathan. Nothing is worse than not getting your frozen Slurpee goodness on a summer day. What is it with a$$hat teenagers these days? Why… when I was a teenager, we used to walk barefoot for 3 days up a mountain in heavy snow to get a Slurpee in the summer. And we never cut anyone off to get it. Whippersnappers! {indignant snort}

  2. I used to absolutely adore coke slurpees. They were totally the best. I haven’t had one in a million years since I had to give up caffeine. So sad.

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