Zappos Giveaway!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My shoe situation is slowly improving.

If you know me, you know I wear those cheap Old Navy flip flops 95% of the time.  It’s sort of disturbing, especially since I am now considered “an adult” and should consider “professionalism” once I start doling out advice for $100 an hour (ok, so maybe I’ll never be a therapist, but it’s good to start planning ahead and buying the appropriate shoes).


I’ve swapped out some flip flop days for Grecian-style sandal days:

I also purchased my first pair of nude pumps.  I know these are “trendy” right now, but I feel like the shoes are so versatile that I will be able to wear them long past their trendy expiration date.

Apparently these shoes no longer exist on the internet...anywhere. Which is awesome because Josie just chewed the crap out of mine. *SUPER ANGRY EYEBROWS* Must. Shop. Online. Now. That will teach me to leave my shoes out after taking a picture for my blog. Gah.

I’ve written about my love for in the past, and it bears repeating.

Which is why I’m giving you the chance to win a $25 gift card to Zappos!

*To enter:

1-Comment here about your favorite pair of shoes.

2-Tweet and then leave a comment that you tweeted (@madsyjoy I want to win those shoes on La Petite Pancake

3- Blog about the giveaway and link back to me.

*Entries limited to the US

Winner will be announced Wednesday, July 20th.



22 thoughts on “Zappos Giveaway!

  1. Josie! Bad dog! Bad, bad dog!
    Ziggy once chewed on a pair of my work pumps when he was a pup. Remarkably, he only did it that once. We’ve been VERY lucky that he’s not a chewer of anything but his rubber dog toys. He’s such a good boy. I’ve been wearing the crap out of my flip flops, too, but if I had to rescue shoes during a house fire, I’d reach for my Asics running shoes first. Not because I run. At all. But because they’re so gosh-darn comfortable. What I really need is a dressy pair of girly summer sandals.

  2. And those shoes looked so nice with the Chiquita banana dress…

    I love the Seychelles I bought from there a fews ago. Next purchase will hopefully be some new Frye’s this fall!

  3. Oh my goodness, my evil little Franklin has done the same thing. Patent leather + doggy teeth = bad news. Good luck on the shoe quest!

    My favorite pair are probably my nude pumps – ha! They are super versatile. That or my chestnut brown boots in the winter, also really versatile.


  4. I still can’t believe Josie went so gnaw crazy and on such a nice pair of nude heels! Sad faces all around. WHY couldn’t they have been the flip flops?

  5. I have 3 favorite pairs of shoes: a pair of Coach loafers, a pair of Cole Haan peep toe, wedge shoes, and a pair of tan Sperry’s. So sorry about those nude shoes~they were cute!

    I blogged about your post!

  6. I love your nude heels! I am wearing my pair of nude heels right now and I love them. It is hard for me to say what is my favorite shoe – there are so many, like a favorite for every occasion!

    I tweeted about the giveaway.

    I also blogged about the giveaway – gets posted today.

    Much love,

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  9. I love flats. I have so many great pairs. I too have been the victim of puppy angst. Riley chewed a great pair of pointy-toed black heels. You should be getting a ping-back on Tuesday from the ol’ blog.

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  11. My fave pair are my Circa Joan & David brown patent pumps. I love almost all Circa Joan & David shoes, and I also had a dog-chewing incident with one pair. They were patent leather, all chewed up beyond repair. I have a happy ending, though, I found the same pair on eBay months later, new for only $10! I was so happy to be able to replace them.

    Count me in on the giveaway! I am a diehard Zappos fan too.

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