Hot Dog A-Go-Go

My go-to flight plan includes: iPod, book, and sometimes a last-minute airport kiosk magazine.  I think maybe I have an illegitimate fear of boredom?  I’m not sure why I bring so many options.  In reality, I’m usually fast asleep doing the “head bob” while we are still on the runway.

On my most recent trip to Minneapolis, I let the boredom anxiety get the better of me and added a crossword puzzle book and six-too-many airport magazines to the mix.  One of those magazines was Food Network’s June 2011 issue featuring Hot Dogs.

I wish you all could have seen Jonathan’s face when I presented him with this magazine.  I’m pretty sure I saw a single tear of joy roll down his cheek.

As you can understand, we had to have a hot dog party.  As in, we provide the dogs, everyone brings their favorite toppings.

It was the perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July, and we also whipped up a batch of homemade Mojitos!

Oh, AND!  Food Network Magazine included 50 condiment recipes.

Click on the image to be redirected to the recipes.

The big wiener (heehee) was Curry Ketchup!


1/4 cup diced onions – sauteed in some butter
1 tsp. curry powder
1 tsp. paprika
pinch cayenne pepper
1 cup ketchup
1/2 cup water
Sautee the onions. 
Add the seasonings.
Mix in ketchup and water.  
Simmer until desired consistency.  


Since we have a Costco pack of hot dogs, we will probably be eating them until the end of time.

Do you have any creative ideas for our leftover processed meat sticks?  

How did you do up the 4th this year?



14 thoughts on “Hot Dog A-Go-Go

  1. I always stock up on things to do when I fly, anything from music to DS lite to books and magazines (often all of them). I also stock up on food (candy and chocolate mostly). For some reason I have a fear of flying without being prepared sugarwise. It’s just how I do things. Needless to say my carry-on is always full!

  2. Is it bad that my #1 product to take on an airplane is sanitizing wipes?
    My #2 “gotta have” is my noise-cancelling earbuds & my I-Pod.
    Then a book or magazine. Then chocolate.

    For leftover hot dogs, I recommend “Beer Weeinies” for your next get together.
    Cut up 2-3 regular packages of hot dogs into 1″ bite-sized pieces. Throw them in a crock pot. Dump in a bottle of chili sauce (looks like a ketchup bottle, but it says chili sauce on the label). Add 1 cup of BBQ sauce, a shot or two of Worchestershire, a few shakes of Tabasco sauce, and one dark beer. Let the whole thing simmer for a few hours until they’re nice and bubbly. Remove most of the sauce and boil it down until it thickens. Pour it back over the weenies and serve them with a box of toothpicks.

  3. We did a 4th of July hot dogs from around the world party last year! It was a hit! (Except for that part where my nine-months-pregnant self threatened to shoot two guys who climbed our back fence and were trespassing. Whoops.)

  4. I also pack a ridiculous amount of things to entertain myself on an airplane, along with enough sanitizer to detail the interior of the plane.

    What is it about encased meats (hot dogs, brats, sausage) that brings a tear to a man’s eye? A hot dog party is an awesome idea! I only eat hot dogs grilled, and only in the summer, so I don’t have a re-purpose recipe. I do know that all of my in-laws salivate at the thought of the “Bean & Franks” from childhood, which from what I gather is mixing a can of baked beans in a casserole dish with sliced hot dogs, and heating it up in the oven.

    • Ha! Had to laugh at the idea of the two of us detailing a plane with Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer. Confirms what I’ve believed all along – we were twins separated at birth. I still can’t explain the age difference thing, but I sure it’s true.

      • hahaha I bring tons of hand sanitizer too! The thought of breathing in recycled air makes me ill. Especially since you KNOW it’s sneeze air.

  5. I seriously might need to contact the Food Network and see if I can order a back-copy of this issue. It might bring a tear to Marcus’ eye. SO JEALOUS of that party idea. I need to get my entertaining panties back on.

    • Oh no no no. We made curry ketchup, roasted garlic mustard, and wasabi ranch. They were all pretty tasty, but the curry ketchup was Very Tasty.

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