The makings of a bachelorette

I have been to 4 bachelorette parties in my lifetime.  Each one so perfectly captured the spirit of the bride, that I wish TLC featured a bachelorette series.

Bachelorette #1 – Vegas Bride

For this bride, we played naughty games, drank beer out of penis straws, and ate chips and dip.  Fun.  

We headed to the bar decked out in hot pink boas and some ladies even danced on tables.

I so wish I could find the picture of everyone dancing in their boas, but it has disappeared. Instead, enjoy this picture of us being responsible adults. Also, I miss my short short hair.

Bachelorette #2 – Sex in the City Bride

This party began with champagne and gift opening, followed by dinner at a tapas restaurant.  Know what I love more than tapas?  Not much.  

After dinner, we hobbled (I’m not very good in heels) to see the newest “Sex in the City” movie.

We then ended the night with rooftop cocktails in downtown Minneapolis.  I have never received more free drinks or had so much fun lying about my profession to strangers (probably my favorite past-time).

Here I am pictured with 3 pregnant ladies. They must have been embarrassed for me, as they were sober and I was very...not.

My killer dance moves? I still have no idea what was going on in this picture.

Bachelorette #3 – Pretty in Pink Bride

For this next bride, we took a trip to her lake home in Wisconsin.  We spent the weekend doing brewery tours, floating on tubes down a river, and having nachos.  The sun was shining and the mosquitos weren’t bad.

Brewery Tour

Bachelorette #4 – Peace in the Middle East Bride

The first half of this party took place at a small restaurant where we had champagne and appetizers with the bridal party and female family guests of the wedding.  I was absolutely blown away by the coolness of the families of both the bride and groom.

The bridal party then met up with 50 or so other ladies at a bar downtown.  Not just any bar, but my Favorite downtown bar.  Famous for their Irish coffees and “Big Gingers” (aka house-made whiskey and ginger ale).

Which party fits you best?  What’s your dream bachelorette/bachelor party?


2 thoughts on “The makings of a bachelorette

  1. My favorite things about this post:
    1. “Know what I love about tapas? Not much.” AMEN!!!
    2. In the preggers photo, you’re the only one that looks sober.
    3. Your killer dance moves photo with the mini homecoming mum.
    4. That some of the same friends appear in each group. Nothing trumps a great group of girlfriends.
    5. You totally rocked that colorful flowered dress at Kat’s party. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tapas are food fit for Kings! I couldn’t love them more, and I love that you couldn’t either. I totally agree with NanaBread–you look like the sober one in the preggo picture. Very funny. I’m definitely more of the Pretty in Pink personality. I just like to relax, chat, and hang with my girlfriends.

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