Twins Win!

I don’t like baseball.

Call me unAmerican, but I have little patience for a 3 hour game which consists of players standing around for the majority of the time.

Why, you ask, do I still attend baseball games year after year?  Three reasons:

1) Beer

All hail the beer gods

2) People watching

3) I love Minnesota, and it’s fun to be with a huge group of people who feel the same way.

Lame?  Maybe.  Fun?  Absolutely.

This year was my first adventure seeing the new stadium.  It was beautiful!  Not a bad seat in the house!

And then night falls and it gets prettier…

And then we panic as the game is tied in the bottom of the 9th…

And then the Twins win and we celebrate with grilled cheese…

This might be the happiest I have ever seen my friend Katie.



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