Grandma Nipples and The Case of the Sticky Kippah

In traditional Jewish weddings, the male guests wear a kippah (or yarmulke).  They are typically affixed to the top of the head with bobby pins, but it is quite a different story for bald attendees.  One of the male ushers ran into this problem, but quickly solved it with “Hollywood Tape”.

Tape it up

As he was taping up his head, we were approached by a 80+ year old woman.  She was pencil thin and wearing a floor-length, strapless cotton dress.  Something only Coco-T could keep up without superglue.

Our only response was, “By the beard of Zeus, give that woman all the tape you can find!”

Luckily, our bald friend is a gentleman…

At which point, half of the bridal party made a quick exit to spew and the other half gazed on in horror.

And THEN, Grandma Nipples *of course* needed assistance.  Our friend, Ems, stepped up to the plate.

I both love and hate old people.


9 thoughts on “Grandma Nipples and The Case of the Sticky Kippah

  1. Best wedding illustrations ever. Loved the projectile barfing. Only you could write about yarmulkes and granny hooters and make me laugh my ass off. Great googlie mooglie! PS – your friend Ems is a saint!

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