Josie’s Week Sans Owners

Before I get into the details of my week without my Long Beach family, I might as well tell you about Josie’s sleepover.

Her “boyfriend’s parents” graciously agreed to take Josie while we were out of town.  They went to the park, bit each other’s faces, and Josie was pampered like a 5 star resort puppy.

Also, Josie decided it would be cool to cry in the middle of the night and poop on the floor.


Remind me to never go out of town again.

Luckily our friends were very understanding.  Thank god for them.

Anyway, here is the photo documentation of her vacation. (all photos are courtesy of our friends)

Two pugs in a pod

Joz at the park. Reflecting on life

A brief respite from gnawing faces.

I love her face mid-yawn in this one. What a freaky face!

Seriously, she probably had more fun in one weekend than she has had in her whole little life.

I also found out that dogs can get puppy herpes.  Hopefully they were being safe.  (puppy herpes is defined as a prostitute coming over and using your toothbrush)


Josie Smiles

Jonathan decided it was a great idea to show me pictures of Josie smiling while I was inebriated at the wedding.  I definitely cried and said, “She’s happier without us!”  Hot mess.  Hot. Mess.

To make me feel better, he showed me this pic (entitled “I miss you, Mommy”):

Josie Sad

The rug Josie later pooped on.

I’m happy to be home and I think Josie is happy to be home too.



3 thoughts on “Josie’s Week Sans Owners

  1. Oh my god, i am going to steal her. No really. I desperately want a tiny little girl pug to add to my dog army (currently only one puggle strong). My stupid fiancee keeps saying no, so i’ve decided that best thing to do is just show up one day with a tiny pug in hand. One day!


    p.s. I am not actually going to steal your dog.

    • Jonathan says the same thing to me about a second dog. Showing up with a dog is definitely how my mom convinced my dad to own a shipoo.
      My plan? Wait until he doesn’t suspect anything and show up with a shiba inu. Men can’t say no to that sort of thing.
      I’m glad my blog is a forum for manipulating men. 🙂

      Oh, and I plan on stealing Franklin…so no worries.

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