Guest Post: Fed Up Fashionista

I’m back from a spectacular vacation in MN.  I will definitely share a detailed account with pictures, but right now I’m pretty focused on a nap.  This post is brought to you by Law and Couture.  She regularly writes about fashion and life in Chicago. 

Hello to La Petite Pancake readers!

My name is P and you can find me over at Law and Couture. Here are some facts about me to get to know me a little bit better…

-I live in Chicago with my boyfriend.

-I’m a cross between ‘Carrie’ and ‘Charlotte’. I love fashion, cocktails, friendships, and love but I don’t talk about sex on a  24/7 basis.

-If all I could eat was pasta, I would be satisfied.

So now that you know me a little bit better, I’ve got a bone to pick. I work as an assistant manager at a department store and I’ve noticed quite frequently that parents do not keep a careful eye on their children. Now, I don’t have kids so I don’t know the struggles of having to find time for ‘me’ or the struggles of running errands with kids or wanting to shop with kids. I do have 2 nephews and a niece, under the age of 5, but I don’t live with them on a day-to-day basis.

Anyways, I don’t know how many times, while working at the store, I’ve seen parents just yell at their children, as they run around through the racks, while the parents continue to go through the racks of clothing. Meanwhile, I’m trying not to give an evil stare at the parents and trip from the kids running all over. One time, I even had a mother, while she was checking out at the register, asked to take her child to the restroom. I mean, seriously?! I did it because I felt bad for the child who was about to pee in his pants but I also felt uncomfortable, escorting the child to the back of the store.

Moral of the story, maybe it is better to bring a stroller for the kids or leave the kids at home with a family member or a babysitter so you can have some ‘me’ time. Unless you like to yell at your kids in the middle of a store, otherwise, it just makes my day more entertaining.

Cheers L.P.P. readers!



2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Fed Up Fashionista

  1. To help deal with situation a favorite quote from a shopping mom to child, “Spatula, I have 2 words for you… BE HAVE!” (I don’t know maybe some of you “foodie-types” also named your children “Spatula”, I had never heard of that choice for a child’s name.)

    favorite signage in store, “All unattended children will be given an espresso and a puppy”.

    stop taking children to the bathroom for loser moms! you seem very nice and you might get arrested

    • hahaha I like the espresso one.
      My dad always used to tell kids like that, “If your mom/dad really loved you, they would buy you a pony.”

      The guest poster (P) is such a nice person. I think I would have smacked a b**** had she told me to babysit her kids during her errands.

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