Guest Post: TLC Gold

This post is brought to you by my friend Ems.  She doesn’t have a blog of her own, but her take on early 90’s culture frequently blows my mind.  Plus, she is giving me a ride home from the bachelorette party tonight, so she’s an automatic winner.

I’m a Snatch fan. In fact, I think Guy Richie is a genius, it’s like he knows how my mind works. So when I was visiting a friend who has TLC last weekend, we stumbled across absolute amazingness on television—My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. For those of you that don’t see the connection between the two, let me help you out. Brad Pitt. You’re on your own from there.

Needless to say, this show is absolutely awesome and horrible at the same time, but what would reality tv be if not both of those? The basic idea of the show is to show the marital practices of the Traveler/Irish Gypsy communities in the UK. Complete with 14 year old engagements, 16 year old weddings, dresses that weigh 100 lbs, more tulle than you can imagine, and Christmas lights being used where Christmas light designers never imagined they would be used. You think that’s not cool enough to keep you intrigued? Once again they have met that need. They even show you the interworkings of first communion craziness. Including eight year olds that look like mini-Disney princesses in gowns you only wish you could have worn for Halloween at that age.

It makes me enjoy caravans and the accents even more when I watch Snatch now.



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