brains Brains BRAINS!

I have gotten 2 new hits on my blog from the search “In case of Zombie Apocalypse”.  I feel proud about that, but sad that the post it lead them to had nothing to do with zombies 😦

Luckily, I’m here to make up for that.

All of Mads’ current zombie knowledge:

1. The CDC finally got on the bandwagon and posted some zombie preparedness information.  Reading it got me legitimately nervous.

2.  The Bloggess pointed out what we all were thinking: why did they not include more information about swords as a protective measure?

3.  28 Days Later was a badass movie.

4.  I fear zombie apocalypse is closer than the rapture.  Why?  No, why not?

5.  Wikipedia and Carleton University suggest there would be no way mathematically to survive zombie apocalypse.  However, I’m fairly certain Zombieland directly contradicts that evidence.

6.  I was drunk and fell asleep while watching Zombieland, so I had to Google the ending.

That’s all I know, but I think it might help.

What’s your plan for zombie apocalypse?



5 thoughts on “brains Brains BRAINS!

  1. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I’m SO searching out Woody Harrelson. I’ll even bribe him to “take me with him” with a truck full of Twinkies, if that’s what it takes. If he can’t help me survive the apocalypse, at least we’ll be high enough to not care. And that’ll do, Pig!

  2. You’ve got me beat on zombie knowledge, anyway!

    I get an inordinate amount of traffic from folks searching for “all the dirty words.” I used the F-word once (well, multiple times, but in one post, and not even the post they all find). The prudish contingent of my family got in a tither, and I reined it in. Searchers must be so disappointed in me and my lack of creative vulgarity.

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