I’m all over the internet

So, last night The Bloggess posted my post.  Nooooow people are saying I am starring in some Youtube videos.

I’m truly flattered because this chick is super funny and adorable.  The idea is that she gets drunk by herself (genius) and then tapes herself cooking (double genius).  I wouldn’t normally watch somebody wasted on camera (ok, I would), but her editing and timing skills make these videos superb.

Check out these episodes of “My Drunk Kitchen”.

Here she shows us the perfect recipe for mimosas:

What’s the craziest thing you have made in your kitchen (with our without mild substance abuse)?



11 thoughts on “I’m all over the internet

  1. I can’t think of anything crazy I’ve cooked in my kitchen. Probably because I’m still laughing over that first video for making grilled cheese sandwiches. Specifically the part where she says, “Now you may be asking ‘why not just make’ toast? F#%K! That’s so much easier!” Hahahahaha. Very funny stuff. I’m off to open a bottle of wine.

  2. That is quite possibly the funniest cooking demonstration ever. I haven’t made anything crazy, but we have had a dinner party (OK, two) in which our overnight guests were very over-served, so we thought it was a great idea to attack/eat the cheesecake I made for dessert with forks–like right off the serving plate. Poor cheesecake looked like a tornado hit it the next morning. High class.

  3. Soap, beer and guacamole without any avocados. Instead, I tried to mix mango and potatoes and add a little bit of wasabi. I was going for texture, not taste. But it was good.

  4. You’re right. Her editing TOTALLY makes it. I despise cooking shows, but this is pretty darn funny.

    We don’t make many crazy things around here, but my husband and I did have a HUGE fight about the proper preparation of Tuna Helper once. It was Very Important at the time, though I’m not sure why now.

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