Zappos Magic

If you haven’t heard of Zappos yet, I highly suggest visiting their site.  Basically, it’s like this…you can buy any type of shoe you have ever wanted, it ships to you for free (and ships back for free if they don’t work), and you have an entire year to return them.  How insane is that?  That’s like the best policy on anything…ever!

I just bought me some new kicks and they done look good son!

Rocket Dog: Memories in Butterscotch Thai Silk (Image courtesy of Zappos)

I keep falling in love with high heels, but I need to be honest with myself.  I have never been able to walk in a normal way in heels, nor can I stand for longer than 30 minutes in anything other than a flat.

So, I’m on a mission to find cute flats.  Maybe a grown-up sandal to replace my flip flops?  Any ideas?

My current shoe status is as follows:

-3 pairs Old Navy flip flops (you know the ones) in black, gold, and silver
-tennis shoes
-dressy red ballet flats (for going out)
-black mid-calf boots (which I still have yet to find an occasion to wear in California)




3 thoughts on “Zappos Magic

  1. Girl… I completely agree. It’s like we love heels in theory, but in reality they steal the life out of your feet. I only wear them on special occasions or when I don’t have a pair of flats that go with a certain outfit.

    Whenever I’m at Target, I usually take a gander through the shoe section. It can be hit or miss, but some of the best pairs of flats I have (both in design and comfort) have been from Target. Also, have your tried browsing through They’ve got free shipping and returns on goods you purchase (though I don’t know what the turnaround time frame is). It’s a great web site for shoe shopping!

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