PRIDE in Long Beach!

After stumbling across a curious newspaper headline, I had a feeling Pride week was brewing in Long Beach.

Then, last night, Josie’s boyfriend’s parents invited us to a Pride comic night at the Laugh Factory (a fairly famous comedy club in LA).  Maybe it was the “Squirting Flower” cocktail I ordered, but I laughed till I cried.

Famous acts included Ant from Celebrity Fit Club:

Carlease Burke (extra in every tv show ever):

And a woman I had never heard of before, Julie Goldman.  She brought down the house and brought me to tears.  Had I consumed another “Squirting Flower”, I might have peed my pants from the hilarity.

If you are into stand up comedy (and let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you be), I highly recommend youtubing some of her clips.

One of the comedians did a bit about Asian men and it cracked me up.  He said they are the up and coming race because they have soft skin and good credit.  hahaha  Jonathan just nodded.  🙂

It was pretty cool going to my first Pride event.  I can’t wait to see more acts at the Laugh Factory too!

Do you dig stand up comedy?  Who is your favorite act?  



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