Living in LA has given me so many opportunities to get exposed to a lot of different ethnic foods.

I can’t tell you how much my mouth waters for authentic Mexican tortas.

Homemade Chinese curry?  Yes please.

Creamy and rich Aloo Gobi fills me with joy.

But the best of them all is ramen.  Piping hot, stewed for 10 days, and filled with countless toppings, it really can’t be beat.

Jonathan likes to add pickled greens and sesame oil.

Shinsengumi is by far the best Hakata ramen chain in California.  You can choose your own broth consistency, noodle firmness, and toppings.

My favorite topping is flavored egg.  Don’t ask me why…

What’s your favorite ethnic cuisine?  Anything I need to try this second?

I’m dying to taste test new and interesting things.  I have heard great stuff about Ethiopian food, so that is my next mission.



7 thoughts on “Shinsengumi

  1. I was *just* going to say Ethiopian! Get a veggie sampler and tibs wat. It’s amazing. The spices are terrific.

  2. Love that last egg shot! I love Thai food, especially this one noodle salad made with cellophane noodles, cucumbers, tomatoes, purple onion, cilantro and a vinegar-based dressing with tons of chili for heat. Have mercy! I could eat it every day. I also love the barely sweet tapioca with sweet corn and coconut milk my favorite Thai place serves. I seriously could rotate between Asian and Mexican food almost every day. For a special treat, I like a good Malaysian rice table. It’s like dim sum for the Malay, and it’s awesome!!

    • I dig dim sum, so I would probably like this rice table. Is is a brunch time deal or can you get it whenever?
      I know dim sum is supposed to be best around 10:30am on Sundays…go figure.

  3. That was soooo good! Thank you for taking us there! I wish I had gotten more toppings on mine. I’ll never be able to eat the maruchan ramen again.

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