What’s new with Josie?

Josie is my goofy pug.  I would like to say that being goofy totally makes her unique and interesting, but “goofy” is what the breed is known for.  That’s what I signed up for from the start.

She was 4 pounds when we bought her and she is officially 18.7 pounds now.  Woof!

She has a best friend, Bailey.  A male pug who she loves to bite in the face:

Josie on left. Best bug Bailey on right.

Aforementioned face biting:

She is frequently riddles with bizarre ailments because she has a weak immune system.  I guess puppies who have worms when they are tiny (Josie) sometimes have other problems until they grow into adulthood.  Their immune systems don’t have a chance to catch up.  In the meantime, we feed her fish oil, fruits & veggies, and she sleeps on the floor.

And she begs us not to humiliate her in public:

She has mellowed out a significant bit, but still has her moments.




3 thoughts on “What’s new with Josie?

  1. I could look at Josie photos all day long. Her crazed spider monkey leap onto Bailey – precious! They make such a cute couple. But that last one? The one of Josie wearing the “Cone of Shame”? That one melted my heart. What a sweet, sweet face. I want to smooch it.

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