Fly me to the moon

Good evening fine friends,

Today I received this little gem in the mail:

“hmmm…”  I thought to myself, “Did I get accepted into some sort of society for planet lovers?  Or is this a club for X-Files enthusiasts?”

The cool ideas that flooded my mind were boundless.

Perhaps I was chosen to head the country’s most top secret society dealing with breaking through the time space continuum.  The envelope’s elegant font and American flag sticker suggested I would definitely be dealing with heads of states.

Finally, my excitement got the better of me, and I opened it up.

Only to find this:


"Cremation just makes sense"


A) Where did these people get my address?

B) What does Neptune have to do with death?  Is there a religion that allows you to visit other planets in the afterlife?  Why has no one told me about such a badass religion?

C) At what age should I really start thinking about my own demise?  24 seems a bit young, but perhaps it’s never too soon.  Perhaps I will sign that form and join the society.

I have so many unanswered questions and so little time to think about my burial options.

Oh well, just another Thursday.


6 thoughts on “Fly me to the moon

  1. Perhaps them mean the mythical Neptune. From all the movies and TV shows I’ve watched, it seems like people always want their remains to be scattered in the sea.

    However, I like your analysis much better.

  2. Oh boy, I feel like a dodo brain.
    That makes perfect sense. I would, however like a secret space society to get in contact with me. I’ve been waiting on that one for waaaay too long.

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