Case of “The Tuesdays”

This morning can be marked down as one of “those” mornings.  You know the ones.  When you wake up and stumble into the bathroom in the dark, only to accidentally shoot soap magically from the dispenser directly into your eye.

Good morning, Mads.  It’s time to rinse your eye out for 15 minutes.

The burning is still present an hour later, but it’s made better by the fact that the garbage disposal is backed up from overzealous potato peeling the night before.

Good morning, Mads.  It’s time to stick your hand into festering water that stinks of butt.

Good morning, World.  I got the message.  I’m awake now, thanks.



5 thoughts on “Case of “The Tuesdays”

  1. That’s the worst! When you’re already totally using all your energy to get going in the morning and something like soap in the eye (or toothpaste in my case) takes you down.
    Cheer up – Tuesday is pretty much done
    But Wednesdays can also be tricky…keep your toothpaste at a safe distance!

  2. For me, it was Monday (yesterday). I stumbled into the bathroom in the dark and promptly washed my face with my peppermint lotion instead of the face soap that was right next to it. Eyes are burning, but I smell great. Then I blow dry my hair, and when I got to spray on a little hairspray, BAM! – right in the left eye. My nozzle was clogged, and it shot down into my eye instead of straight onto the bangs. Dang it! Sometimes, I think we get signs that we should just crawl back into bed and pull the covers over our heads. Hope your Wednesday is better!!

  3. Oh dear! Last week I had to deal with a clogged garbage disposal. (Dang carrots.) I took apart the pipes three times before it cleared. It was gross, but now I pride myself that I can, in fact, disassemble the kitchen sink.

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