Lifesaver, of the cleaning variety


I have stumbled across the greatest invention known to man: The Barkeeper’s Friend.

We live in a place with those crappy white apartment-y counters.  You know the ones.  I’m not even sure what the material is.  Terrible.

In any case, they stain like nobody’s business.

Set a piece of tinfoil on the counter?  Metallic stain.

Set a glass of wine on the counter?  Red wine ring.

Set a frozen banana on the counter to make bread and forget about it for 24 hours?  Banana stain!

It was time to find a solution.  This stuff is a little like comet, but it doesn’t contain bleach.  Bleach and I are not friends.  I have ruined waaaaay too many clothes and carpets to ever buy it again.

Look at the results:

I thought the "Chiller" font was particularly fitting.

I can’t believe I shared my nasty scum pictures to the whole wide internet, but I’m all about honesty here.  A day in the life of Mads includes a little grime.  C’est la vie.

Now the bathroom…that’s another story.

How do you get your living space to sparkle?



6 thoughts on “Lifesaver, of the cleaning variety

  1. That’s amazing! I don’t know that I have any special hints to pass along, but I’ll keep Barkeeper’s friend in my next time I have a stain to clean!

  2. Baking soda is my best friend. Not only does it keep the fridge smelling great, but it does wonders on stainless steel surfaces like kitchen sinks. Seriously, before I discovered this, my sink was getting a pretty scary brown But baking soda makes it shine!

  3. I am a big fan of peroxide & water with a few drops of orange oil for my counters. I will have to track down some BarKeeper’s Friend because I have softened well water that leaves irony rust stains that I *cannot* get out. Desperate times.

  4. I just may have to invest in some of your wonder-cleaning product! Those are some pretty stellar results in the sink 🙂 I usually use whatever cleaning product is on sale–right now it’s 409 lemon-scented bleach!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  5. Hey, Mads…want me to blow your mind? Bar Keeper’s Friend comes in LIQUID FORM, too! I’ll be honest, though, I like the powdered stuff better. I use it on my stainless steel kitchen sink and stove top, as well as my bathroom sinks with outstanding results. I also like the Simple Green spray cleaner for granite countertops, and I use a mixture of 1/2 cup amonia (I buy the lemon scented) and 1/2 cup of Mr Clean (orange scented) in one sink of hot water to mop my tile floors in the kitchen and bathrooms. Works great, but you may want to crack a window. The amonia smells really strong for a about an hour.

  6. Yep! We’ve been using BarKeepers Friend. I think I picked it up at Home Depot. And, you might want to try Bon Ami – doesn’t scratch plastic surfaces. Their motto is a picture of a baby chick “Hasn’t scratched yet!”

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