Wish List

The holidays have come and gone.  Next up is Valentine’s Day, but I don’t know anyone who does a gift exchange for the occasion.  In any case, here comes the 10 month stretch of no gifts (excluding birthdays).  Tis time to treat yourself to something special.

My wishlist:

A plain ole meat tenderizer.

There is some debate on the utility of meat tenderizers, but I love me some flat chicken.  I hate chewing my way through 2 inch thick chicken breasts.  The end.

Lush shampoo bars.

These smell gorgeous, use real organic ingredients, and last forever.  I really can’t say enough good things about Lush products.  Find a store immediately and ask the salespeople to demonstrate their products.


I need some full-grown basil in my herb planters.  Stat!

How I Met Your Mother: Season 6

How I Met Your Mother is obviously one of the best shows on TV.  If you don’t believe me, just watch seasons 1 through 6 and then get back to me.  I need the sixth season.  The sooner the better.

A new Prius.

Obviously a new car would be helpful.  Anyone want to buy me a Prius?  Seriously though, gas expenses are killing me!  I work 50 minutes away from home and my 10 year old Isuzu Rodeo only gets 18 miles to the gallon.  With gas at $3.43, you can do the math on how much of my salary goes to the pump.  Woof.

I may or may not have revealed how much of a hippie I am in this post.  I am a sick hybrid between hippie and yuppie.  You shouldn’t be friends with me and you certainly shouldn’t be reading this blog.

What’s on your “it isn’t a holiday, but damn it’s time to buy myself some stuff” wish list?


6 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. Have you seen the round, flat meat pounders? I like them better than the old-school hammer type. I think the wider surface works better. Here’s the kind I have:
    It’ll make chicken so thin you can read through it, Miss Flag Chicken Lady Thang.

    Hmm…on my wishlist are:
    a really good blender – commercial style
    one of those awesome flippy waffle makers
    I’d love to try your shampoo cubes – looks interesting
    the Nissan Murano in silver, with black leather interior
    a lake house in the mountains – preferably the Canadian Rockies

  2. Flat chicken is an absolute must. Therefore you *need* a meat tenderizer. I like NanaBread’s round flat one. Seeing as I never use the spikey side, anyway, seems like a good choice. My current and ever changing wish list:
    1. A commercial blender
    2. A food processor that wasn’t manufactured in the early ’80’s. (No offense to mine.)
    3. One of those paddle w/scraper-thingy attachments for my kitchen aid, as I am growing weary of stopping to scrape the bowl every 5 seconds.
    4. A really good treadmill, and the addition I would need to stuff it into my house.

  3. You’re my favorite hippie/yuppie-type 🙂

    I would have to say that I would like to go on the cookbook binge I mentioned last week since I can’t really register for those things but they would be such wonderful additions.

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