Bananas Foster Oats

I do my best thinking in the shower.  I often wrote whole college papers in my mind while sudzing up.  Maybe it’s because my new Lush shampoo contains jasmine.  We just can’t know for sure.

In any case, a stroke of genius came to me the other day: Bananas Foster Oats.

For breakfast.

This is our new weekend treat instead of pancakes or bacon or donuts.  *sigh*  We can’t have everything, folks.

Anyway, this recipe is super easy, it’s about 300 calories per serving, and it’s sorta kinda a lil bit like dessert in your mouth.


Your usual oats. Any variety will do.
2 Tbsp. butter, small handful of brown sugar, and 2 bananas

Make your oatmeal the usual way and in a separate pan, melt the other three ingredients together.  The bananas should soften, but take it off heat before it gets mushy.




Combine banana goo and oats.  Top with slivered almonds if you feel so inclined.  This recipe should serve 2-3 people.


Perfection in a bowl

What are your healthy alternatives to weekend breakfast treats?


13 thoughts on “Bananas Foster Oats

  1. Love this idea. I make this Bananas Foster sauce over vanilla ice cream, too. I add just a smidge of vanilla paste to mine. I’ll have to try it over oatmeal. My favorite breakfast treat is a toasted egg bagel with a thin slice of good cheddar, a mostly cooked egg ( I like a little bit of runny in the middle), with a pinch of kosher salt and some fresh cracked pepper. If I’m feeling really generous, I add a few strips of bacon or a slice of deli ham. It’s the perfect breakfast sandwhich. If I’m being really indulgent it’s a batch of pancakes with a little almond extract and some mini-chocolate chips stirred in. I like my pancakes with butter only…no syrup. Yum! If I’m trying to be good, it’s a scoop of fat-free Fage yogurt with a squeeze of local honey and some toasted pecans. That stuff is really good!

    • Mmmm fage with toasted pecans. Good idea!
      I know my blog says I like pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips…this is true, but I also love them with blueberries! Num.
      I’m probably committing some sort of huge foodie blog faux pas, but I’ve never even heard of vanilla paste. Is it a more potent version of vanilla extract?
      I’m intrigued.

      • Yup. That’s it exactly. It’s the consistency of thick pancake syrup and it has vanilla beans scraped into it. Think thick, gooey pure vanilla extract with real vanilla bean paste in it. Heaven. I’d never heard of it either until I saw it on Pioneer Woman’s website. She mentioned that she loves it in baked goods now, so I tried a little bottle. It’s really good stuff. I wouldn’t waste it on something with lots of other flavors, because it would bury it, but in a vanilla custard or cake? Oh, absolutely!

  2. Oh. My. You, my Friend, are a genius! I love oats, and bananas foster. I’ll *definitely* be trying this with my steel cut oats in the morning! My usual breakfast is plain Greek yogurt with homemade granola. If I have time, an over medium egg sandwich with a thin slice of ham is always welcome. Chai latte is a must, regardless of what is being served.

  3. Mmm Lush is my favorite – I love the coconut shampoo, the hair masks, and the sea salt face scrubs 🙂

    And I don’t really have breakfast treats on weekends… Although sometimes if I’m really hung over I’ll go to the french bakery down the road. It’s not healthy in the least. I like it that way….

    • haha My hungover food always needs to be something greasy. Jack in the Box or McDonald’s breakfast mmmmm
      Something about fake egg and meat on a billion calorie biscuit just tastes so right.

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