Trolling for music

People of the internet, I need your help again.

Pretty please with sugar on top.

Sometimes it seems like the majority of my day is spent in the car driving from client to client.  Most of the time I listen to NPR, but that can be problematic when it’s member drive week or there happens to be a crisis in Egypt.

Not that there’s anything wrong with learning about the crisis in Egypt, but it gets a little old when you hear it for 4 hours each day for over a week. *ahem*  Getting on with things.

I broke down my listening in this handy dandy pie chart.

I’m so bored with NPR and my iTunes playlist, I am officially going insane.

What new music do I have to check out?  What are some of your favorites?

Thank you,  in advance, for saving my sanity.



15 thoughts on “Trolling for music

  1. This is SO not typical for an almost 48 year-old grandmother of two, but I’m telling you, if you listen to Ceelo Green’s “F – You” song and sing along really loud, it’s like therapy. Cheap, hysterical, “I drive in a city with millions of people” therapy.

    • One other suggestion – I bought a cheap 3-CD set of the “Best of Disco” a few years ago. It’s a great singalong set. You’d be surprised how happy and upbeat you feel after listening for a few minutes or hours.

      • I LOVE Ceelo’s “F-You”! Thank you for reminding me to buy it. Perfect.

        You are the second person to give props to Disco, so I think I need to check it out. I’m sure I will be able to find a bunch of songs I love.

  2. You probably have heard this before, but I stopped listening to nearly all NPR when I heard their report from a research vessel in the Pacific Ocean. The “scientists” were studying the environmental impact of noise from bubbles caused by wave action.

    Right then and there it was all over for me.

    • hahaha Jonathan was telling me something equally ridiculous that an NPR “scientist” was up to the other day. Wish I could remember.

      Music for me? You have an awesome playlist, and I’ve already taken most of your CSNY. Other ideas?

  3. What kind of music do you like listening to? For driving music I always go for stuff I can sing to – like Pink, Lady Gaga, Cascada, Lilly Allen and Ke$ha… It’s all very fluffy and pop-y!!

    • As vague as this is, I like anything I can sing and/or dance to. That ranges from oldies to punk to pop to hippie jams to rap, etc. I’m not too picky. I don’t like metal and there is only a select amount of country I can handle.
      I haven’t heard of Cascada, so I’ll have to check them out.
      Obviously Lady Gaga is my diva idol.

  4. I have this dilemma when I’m in the car. I’m sick of the radio because they play the same songs over and over again. I’ve tried getting into audio books which can be entertaining and pass the time away. However, I feel that the narrator’s voice can make or break the book.

    • Oh for sure! The narrator’s voice on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo audio book made it unbearable.
      Aaaaand Jon bought the Cesar Milan audio book, but it wasn’t Cesar’s voice. That was a big downer.
      I just got a library card, so hopefully I can check out more audiobooks. Thanks

  5. I’m a huge fan of having mixes in my car – old and new – to run to when the radio fails me, and it is fun because I don’t always know what is on them. My current favorites to listen to though are Cloud Cult, Band of Horses, Campfire OK, and Adele.
    Much love,

    • mmmm Cloud Cult. I saw them live a few summers ago and my world was complete. Brilliant.
      I don’t know Adele or Campfire OK, so I’ll check those out.
      Thanks B!

  6. If you haven’t heard The National, you will fall in love with them. Any album, but I think Boxer is brilliant.
    Other music that I love to listen to: Feist, Neil Young, Arcade Fire … that’s good to get you started! Good luck!

    • Gooooood choices! I already love the last three you mentioned, but I need to get more of their songs downloaded.
      I don’t know The National or Boxer, but I feel like I would like them based on your other suggestions.
      Are you into Mumford Sons at all? They are supposed to be so big right now, but I only know of one of their songs.

  7. Cute blog! A friend of a friend is… well, a friend. 🙂

    Anyway, as for music, here are some of my favorite artists recently: The Airborne Toxic Event, fun., Coheed & Cambria, Hockey, Jack’s Mannequin, Passion Pit, MGMT… and of course there’s always classic rock (think The Doors, The Who, The Eagles) which is obviously the best music ever created.

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