Secrets of a Tween

Hello team,

I have a confession.  I’m not proud of it, but I have watched the first three Twilight movies (for the first time) in less than a week.

I fear that I cannot stop.

Jonathan even admitted that he knew why 12 year old girls loved it…Jacob’s exposed chest.  🙂


Jonathan also pointed out this little bit of awesome:

Jacob is an alpaca

They aren’t good!  The dialogue is predictable and delivered in monotone voices.  Bella and Edward are less emotive than my box of sod.  But they are ADDICTING!!  I crave that bad acting and the obvious CG special effects.  I have even been staying up hours past bed time!

Have you seen them?  What’s your latest guilty pleasure?

In case you were wondering, I’m totally on Team Edward.  But I think the real question is now: are you on Team Jacob or Team Alpaca?

I hope you still read my blog after this post.



9 thoughts on “Secrets of a Tween

  1. At least you consider it a guilty pleasure! Far too many people think Twilight is quality literature/film… although I must admit, I did read all four books, and in a frighteningly short period of time, too. They’re quite the page-turners, but the writing is objectively terrible. So I guess you could say the movies are faithful adaptations. 🙂

  2. Oh no! Not you too! I refuse to read the books, and a couple of the girls made me watch twilight (like, the first one) and I fell asleep. They’re terrible! And set a bad role-model for girls! Also unrealistic (and frankly? creepy!) expectations for relationships.

    I’m not a fan.

    I do, however exhibit slightly cringy tweenish behavior around the Buffy TV series. I once stayed awake until 5am in the morning so that I could watch the entire season 2 in one go, and cried like a baby. I’m really not proud of myself for that. However… It really had to be done!

    • I do not disagree with you. They are terrible in every way. However, so was Water World and sometimes you just gotta watch Water World.
      However, I don’t think that logic will hold up in court.

  3. I’m totally Team Alpaca. I’m too old to drool over those boys, and I’d rather stand in a meadow and eat grass than have to watch those movies again. I’m with leafprobably. I found the monotoned bad acting to be too much. The action scenes are the only thing that can keep you awake, and the acting is terrible. How these 3 became mega-stars is beyond me. I’d put them in the Bad Acting Hall of Fame with Keanu Reeves and Vince Vaughn. Blech! My opinion – Razzies for everyone when it comes to Twilight. But then again, I’m not 14.

  4. As long as we are putting people in the Bad Acting Hall of Fame, don’t forget to throw Christian Slater, Nicholas Cage, and John Travolta with all the other actors that speak in monotones and play the same character.

    I found the books ridiculously entertaining, but the movies? Not so much. That won’t stop me from seeing the next 2. You know, to see how it ends. 😉

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