Josie’s trip to the beach!

Puppies can grow very sick very quickly.  Before you take them anywhere, you have to give them a round of vaccines.  Before you introduce them to big things (like the dog park or beach), you have to make sure they are through all 3-4 rounds of vaccines. This process isn’t complete until they are about 4 months old, so until that time, they are pretty secluded.

Plus, they can’t hang out with older dogs until they are spayed/neutered and have their rabies shots.  So pet owners have to be especially careful when choosing a buddy for their puppy.

Granted, we took Josie to puppy school and had her playing with other pups her age.  So she wasn’t totally locked up in the house with no friends.

Side note: I HIGHLY recommend giving your puppy play dates.  They will be so happy to have friends and you will have a much easier time around the house because your pup will be tuckered out.

Anyway, Josie is now at a stage where she can venture out into the world a little bit more.  Today we took her to the beach for the first time.  She was a sand FREAK!!!

She was leaping through the sand like a crazy dog.  All of the sand that her back feet kicked up, she would chomp down on and gobble it up!



3 thoughts on “Josie’s trip to the beach!

  1. So cute! In my house we call that “pug nuts” when they go crazy. My little dood loves the beach too, he just runs his little puggle face off.

    Have fun with the little behbeh, she is just so sweet!


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