Auf Wiedersehen!

If I were to star on Project Runway or America’s Next Top Model or any show on HGTV, I would be immediately dismissed for having the most bland and uncreative design taste.  I can put outfits together, but rarely ever in a way that makes people think “Oh, she’s got style“.  I’m not being self deprecating, I’m just speaking truths.  I have other talents, but style is not one of them.

Do you think you can learn style?

Shows like What Not to Wear seem to think it is possible.  So, it has become my new goal.

I am going to try to teach myself a few things about fashion.

Pioneer Woman told me to check out Polyvore, and I do everything she says.  This site is pretty nifty, allowing you to pick out outfits in your price range and color scheme.  I’m hoping I can utilize it for making educated choices when I shop.

I thought we could play a little game.  I’ll show you my latest creation and you can critique or give pointers!  Feel free to post your own designs to really get the ball rolling!

Here we go:

Welcome to Polyvore!



8 thoughts on “Auf Wiedersehen!

  1. I consider myself a gal who’s still figuring out how to be stylish. For me, the trick is learning how to be stylish on a budget.

    I love the longer cut of the blazer you chose! Definitely would be a staple piece in your wardrobe that you could use for interviews, friend dates, nights out on the town, etc.

  2. I don’t know that style is something you learn. I think that everyone has a “style” and from there, you’re either willing to be bold enough to really explore that, or not.

    Love your mix. I enjoy the concept of that pink tank, but I feel like where the ruffles are placed, the negative space would accentuate things that maybe shouldn’t be. So, good concept, just use a top where they’re placed a bit differently.

  3. My style is whatever-camouflages-the-flabbies-with-a-vintage-twist. I used to have style. One day I will find what box I packed away in and blow the dust off. I think the tank you chose would look really cute under the longer blazer, with tapered jeans, and a heel. I would lose the yellow cardigan, though. But my favorite accessory is a ponytail holder, so take it for what it worth. 😉

  4. I’m so bad at putting together outfits, I think you’ve done a great job here! I’d wear lower shoes, though, because I can’t walk in heels more than 2 minutes at a time, but this is definitely a style I’de like to rock!

  5. You have always had style. In fact, you have a definite flair that makes you unique. Challenges come with life transitions. You have recently gone from an academic environment in MN to a professional life in CA. Time to throw out the old and start fresh. I am excited that I will be visiting soon to remove the financial portion of the challenge. Think Drew Barrymore for inspiration!!!

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