Weekends are a time for reflection

Today I choose to reflect upon a decision I made last night.

It was not an easy one.

It has been many moons since I have done this.

Jonathan was concerned.

I chose the Riesling out of our wine rack.


It feels so good to get that out in the open.

But it wasn’t just any Riesling…it was Kendall Jackson’s 2008Vintner’s Collection Riesling (retailing at $9.99).

It was glorious.

When I imbibe, I typically like what I refer to as “old man drinks”.  These are your Whiskey Waters, Rum and Cokes, Scotch and Soda, etc.  The smoother and stronger, the better.  Sweet little girlie things like Appletinis and Pina Coladas give me major headaches and really cramp my style.

However, I like wines as sweet as they come.  Fruity…bubbly…awesome!  So Rieslings are perfect for me.

What’s your perfect drink?  Find any great wines lately?

Merry Weekend to you all!


5 thoughts on “Weekends are a time for reflection

  1. I am a red wine fan for sure….but tonight I had my house warming party and one of the wines a good friend bought was amazing. It was a Shiraz by Indaba from 2009. Simply delicious.
    Much love,

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