Manly things

I’ve posted before about “Buck Jobs” and “Doe Jobs”.  Truly, I believe there are very few household jobs I can’t do.  That being said, there are plenty of jobs I won’t do when a man is present.

You might think that makes me lazy, sexist, and old-fashioned.  Maybe it does.  But I think it leaves room for me to get my groove on to things I love doing around the house (cleaning with 409, cooking, working on the budget, etc.)

Some of the “Buck Jobs” at our house:

-Yard work (if we had a yard)
-Killing bugs (I have been known to slaughter whole hoards of bugs on my own.  Remember when my bedroom was infested with box elders?  Yeah.  Not fun.  But I would rather Jonathan takes care of this, lest one takes to leaping onto my face and poisoning me with venom.)
-Car things
-Taxes and diversifying my account portfolio (Jonathan doesn’t know this is coming when we get married.  muahahaha)
-Fixing electronics
-Building things with tools

Which brings me to Jonathan’s latest adventure…he built a sod box for Josie’s business!!!  (Feel free to check out Jonathan’s newish blog for the step-by-step.)


Right before she piddled!!! How exciting for all of you to see!

I’m so proud of him!  He went to Home Depot and the hardware store.  He used wood glue, a drill, and screws.  He even remembered to buy a plastic liner so it won’t leak all over our patio floor.  Not only that, but the dog is actually using it!!!


This is going to be sooo nice at 5:45am in the morning.

If you were wondering, yes, pugs are the most cat-like breed of dogs.  So there.

What crazy things have you done to spoil your pets lately?



2 thoughts on “Manly things

  1. Hi Mads, thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your phrases “Buck Jobs” and “Doe Jobs”! 😉 Josie’s little corner of the world porch, is such a cute idea. 😀

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