When Parents Text

Happy Saturday!

Just a quick post to tell you that you must check out this website: When Parents Text

It’s in the same style as “Texts from Last Night”, but I find it to be even funnier.  There is a tone in which parents text that can’t be beat.

I told my mom about this site and she said, “Are you laughing at me?”  To which I replied, “No, I’m laughing with you!”  That makes it ok, right?

I went to find some of my favorite texts to share with you, but the servers are currently over-capacity.  I can only assume that means the rest of the world is laughing too.




2 thoughts on “When Parents Text

    • haha I got lost in it for hours.

      This text is the perfect example of something my mom would actually send me:
      Mom: Your dentist died. No appt next week. I’ll find u new one. I learned how to make bread!!

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