Today is brought to you by Twitter

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Ok, so this obviously isn’t a sponsored post, but simply my feelings written as tweets.  Welcome.

-Salted caramel cheesecake brownie, you cause me great joy and great sadness.

-Coffee shop etiquette: Don’t sit at a table for four if you are by yourself.  Don’t look at me with hate when I ask to use the unused outlet by your feet.

-Omega 3 bread from Subway=significant upgrade!

-Graduate school applications, please write yourselves.

-I finally found a hair stylist in Long Beach!  I am so happy to not look like a shaggy dog anymore!

-Salted caramel cheesecake brownie, why did I buy you?!?!

-Just watched Food Inc.  I’m going to make a conscious effort to buy local and organic.  There is absolutely no way I can support the current food system in America.  GROSS!

-Teapots are a useless invention if you have a microwave.  Although, teapots make tea time fun and cute.  🙂

-A puppy got his ear torn open in puppy school this weekend.  I would have been bawling if it happened to Josie.  Chase (the pitbull) was totally fine, despite the massive amounts of blood.

-I need some chickpea recipes for dinner this week.  Suggestions?  Hummus doesn’t count as dinner.

What are your tweets for today?

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12 thoughts on “Today is brought to you by Twitter

  1. Wasn’t Food Inc eye-opening? It was so sad to the see the little chicks on the conveyor belt being treated like machinery, the “bad” ones being weeded out. I think I’ve blocked some of the other scenes. It definitely makes me more aware in the grocery store!

    • I know! I thought I knew a lot about the meat industry, but I had no idea how bad things had gotten. Cows standing knee deep in their own manure is just wrong. I can no longer fathom buying meat from cows that are so horribly unhealthy. Not only that, but how much suffering the farmers go through to stay out of debt. Crazy. Simply crazy.

    • haha Twitter seems to be an outlet for my bitching lately, so I need to work on that too. Hope your knee is better!

      When I was a babysitter, I was getting $6-$7 bucks an hour. However, most sitters now are like licensed professionals with education degrees. They expect $13 and that is insane. Hire the kid up the street for pennies.

  2. Sarah Darkness has an amazing chickpea recipe that she made me a few months ago–it’s from the Veg-cookbook Marth found when working at Wilson!

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