An epic battle between pug and boston terrier

Hi team,

I shared some of the joys of Christmas, but I finally got around to editing some more pictures and I was happy to find the battle between Josie and Weebay.  Josie is my 4 month old pug and Weebay is my brother’s 2 year old (surprisingly muscular) boston terrier.

Meet Weebay:


An American Gentleman

Meet Josie:


Stuck in the strap of a bag…typical

Meet Tux:


She is an old maid, so she watched from the sidelines.

Let the games begin!

Weebay’s jaws are powerful enough for him to latch onto something while suspending his whole body in the air.  It’s like those new post-it note commercials.  Josie’s jaws can chew the crap out of mushed banana.

Advantage: Weebs

However, this little guy presented the rope to Josie and played tug of war like a gentle giant.  It was adorable.

Sneak attack!  Josie’s height allowed her to crawl under Weebay and constantly bite his penis (aka his “nativity tassel”).

Advantage: Josie.

Take a closer look at my friendly, cuddly baby.


As soon as we put the snow booties on her, she was done for.

Advantage: Weebay

However, he wolfed down an 8oz bag of Hershey Kisses (foil and all)…so I’m not really sure who the real winner was.  Definitely not any parents of the puppies.

The end.





11 thoughts on “An epic battle between pug and boston terrier

  1. That last bit with the video definitely shows Josie’s True Size…hahaha.

    It was hysterical to watch Tux just give up on the whole mess.

    • hahaha Jonathan put her in a raincoat the other day. It was pretty pathetic. Looks like the only outfit she enjoys is her brown sweater. That’s ok. It’s the Martha Stewart collection haha

  2. Oh, good grief! I have a Boston Terrier, and I love pugs. Your post just cracked me up. They’re such great dogs. Ziggy has a pair of gray fleece “socks” that velcro on, and he HATES them. We bought them when he went through a phase of obsessively licking his feet. Never figured out why he did, but some Gold Bond lotion and a few weeks in those socks definitely cured it. The video of Josie running in her booties cracked me up. Zig does the same thing. He walks like his feet are super sticky. Now that we have wood floors and he’s older, we’ve put the socks away. And I’m still chuckling over the ‘nativity tassel’. Very funny.

    • haha Ziggy is such a cutie! I wish we had video of the dogs fighting because it was pretty adorable. Weebay just loved body slamming Josie and she would go flying. They loved it.

    • Thanks! She was pretty peeved about the booties, but we didn’t keep them on her for too long. Mainly because it took 10 minutes to get them on her feet and she was able to kick them off in approximately 3 seconds.

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