Welcome back and GIVEAWAY!!!

Hi team,

After the lovely Christmas holiday, I am finally back into my routine.  Sorry it took so long!  😉

The weekend was spent with my family, a few friends, and three THREE puppies!  My puppy spent the majority of the weekend trying to bite off Weebay’s penis (Weebay is my brother’s Boston Terrier).  We affectionately called his penis the “nativity tassel” for the rest of the weekend…Christmas gets weird at our house.

Anyway, I ate more than any human being should eat, I slept more than any human should sleep, and I required more blankets to survive the Minnesota cold than I ever thought was necessary.  It was glorious.

I hope your holidays were marvelous!  I got you a present!


Image courtesy of Amazon

I’ve been raving about these Zak confetti mixing bowls all season, and it’s time you own a set.  They are sturdy, dishwasher safe, and they look adorable!

(winner may choose the color set of their choice)

To enter:

1-Comment here about the best gift you got this season.

2-Tweet and then leave a comment that you tweeted (@madsyjoy I want to win those mixing bowls on La Petite Pancake http://tiny.cc/tu4um)

3-Blog about the giveaway and link back to me.

Winners will be announced on Saturday, January 15th 2011!

Happy holidays,



39 thoughts on “Welcome back and GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. The best gift I got was definitely a book about the artist Romare Bearden from Nick. I discovered him over the past year while working on a project bearing his name in the City, and totally fell in love with his work. When we were at the National Portrait Gallery in DC over Thanksgiving, we found the book at the gift shop, and he got it for me. It’s lovely!

    Sorry I missed you when you were in town — my week turned out much more chaotic and stressful than I anticipated. 😦


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  3. LOL, sounds like a wonderful “normal” holiday! ;o) Glad you had a great one!
    I haven’t watched Arrested Development, but my sons were watching it on Netflix when they were here and were laughing their heads off. I have a hard time sitting still to watch tv for too long! I may have to take the time just to watch it now though!

    Your bowls are TOTALLY awesome. If I don’t win, I would certainly love to know where to buy them! They remind me of bowls my mom had when I was a kid – actually she probably still has them!

    Happy New Year!

    • I got mine from a store called The Bibelot, but they have them on Amazon.com and I’ve seen them at Urban Outfitters too.

      I highly recommend Arrested Development. Hilarious.

  4. Oh, and I forgot to say – that my best gift was both my sons under my roof and waking up here on Christmas morning! I better say Grumpy’s “day at the spa” gift is a pretty darn good one too! 🙂

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  6. The best gift I received this year was an adorable winter hat from my husband–I love it because I’ve needed a warmer hat for my early-morning dog walks, and I love that he picked it out himself 🙂

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the confetti bowls!

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  8. The best gift I got was our recent week in Germany to visit the Christmas markets. It was a travel dream come true (for me, anyway). It was totally awesome. The second best gift was a photo book my daughter created on Shutterfly. It’s a hardback book of my two adorable grandbabies. I love it! Other than that, my beloved and I gave each other wall calendars. Once we delivered all the gifts to our daughter, son-in-law and grandkids, the two calendars were all that was left under the tree. It was hysterical.

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  10. Since my b-day is on Christmas as well, my dear fiance decided to get everyone in my gigantic family to pitch in on a new Canon Rebel camera. Not only was this NOT expected at all, but I think I cried into the box out of sheer joy for 2 whole minutes while my family laughed and yelled for me to show everyone the camera. I can’t believe how lucky and blessed I am, and the pictures I’m taking since are just so GOOD. Woohoo! Best birthday ever!

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  13. My best gift for Christmas, besides spending it with my 11 month old g’daughter….

    An new dining room table on which to eat meals from my new cookbook – ad hoc. Perfect pair!!

    • Oh that’s awesome! My family is big into genealogy. Have you checked out ancestry.com?
      My dad bought my grandpa a session with a transcriber and he made my grandpa’s oral history into a book. It was such a neat gift for the whole family to share!

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