Bringing up puppy: Five things that made my life easier.

I haven’t quite hit the back to work stride that is Monday, so this post is brought to you by Jonathan.  Enjoy!


It’s been just over a month and a half since Josie has come into our lives, and with Thanksgiving and Christmas out of the way things are finally returning to normal.  I thought I would take this opportunity to share some things that I have found indispensable with our new puppy.  This isn’t a list of must haves, but this is a list of stuff that has made my life a little easier.

1. KONG interactive toys.  Josie loves her puppy KONG, I just fill it up with a treat and just watch her try and get at it.  We put all sorts of stuff in it to keep it fresh for Josie (although I don’t think she would mind a peanut butter filled KONG every day).  We’ve tried peanut butter, pumpkin mix, treats and kibble, edible bones, and even carrots.  Recently I discovered KONG has a treat dispenser called Stuff-A-Ball.  This rubber ball is awesome, I fill it up with kibble and let her go to town (her kibble tends to fall out easily, so I put some of her bigger treats in there just to make it a little more interesting for her and to prevent major kibble spillage).  This is her preferred food delivery method.

2. Bitter Apple spray.  My puppy loves to nibble.  This may seem cute, but she has razor sharp teeth that every once in a while gets you really good.  Since the only thing she can reach are my toes, she attacks them daily with lots of vigor after her walk.  Our trainer, Danny, suggested for us to spray our feet with bitter apple, then offer it to her when she feels like attacking our poor toes.  Apparently this spray makes our toes (and just about anything you don’t want your dog to bite) taste like rotten fruit.  Needless to say, our toes are very delighted for this product.

3. Nature’s Miracle.  Accidents happen.  Josie is usually pretty good about letting us know she needs a potty break, but the process of getting up, searching for house keys, hunting for my jacket, looking for the harness and leash, and putting on my shoes just takes way too long!

4. Leash Bag.  Before getting a treat / leash bag it felt like I was always hunting for the treats, and the poop bag.  Most come with a zippered pocket for an emergent poop back, or a spare key .  Now, Josie’s leash has everything she needs for a nice long walk or a quick potty break.

5. Personal Time.  I know I said that this list isn’t a list of musts, but I truly feel that this may be the most important item on the list–a must if you will.  As with most things in life, you need to find balance; you won’t be able to perform well at work, do a great job raising your little puppy, or take care of yourself otherwise.  If you’re as fortunate as me to have someone to raise your puppy with, you can schedule some free time to spend with yourself, your friends, and your significant on a regular basis.  If you aren’t, perhaps you can talk one of your dog loving friends or family members into taking care of your pup for the afternoon or the weekend.  I think a little personal time goes a long way.

What are some of the things you have found to be indispensable with your pet?



3 thoughts on “Bringing up puppy: Five things that made my life easier.

  1. Peanut butter and my father in law’s love of extraordinarily long walks are my saving grace. If only Stan didn’t LOVE the taste of bitter apple spray…maybe we could’ve saved ourselves 5 leashes or so 😉

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