Random musings on a Tuesday

Hi team,

I’m feeling particularly lazy today, so I thought I’d bring you some random thoughts that have been floating around in my brain.

-It’s a thin line between loving Christmas lights and loving the environment and low energy bills.  Lights on between 7 and 9:30pm.  The end.

-Wondering why I didn’t bake any cookies for myself to enjoy.  Oh yeah, my jiggles.

-All of my mugs hail from Minnesota.  Now a bit of nostalgia is served on the side of my morning coffee.

-My nose is so plugged, I’m thinking about buying a Neti Pot.  Anybody tried this?

p.s. I love the recommended stretches in this video.  I also love how the Neti Pot model is clearly a cyborg.

-My butt still hurts from when I slipped, my feet flew up in the air, and I landed ass-first on my front step.  Holy ouch.

-A package arrived for me this morning the size of an ottoman.  What is it?!?  Apparently I can’t open it until Christmas.

Happy crappy Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “Random musings on a Tuesday

  1. Some people swear by Neti pots. I tried it for a cold go-round once and felt like an idiot. It did lessen symptoms a bit, but they came back and probably lasted as long as they would have without the Neti. Slap some Vicks on yourself and take a hot shower–same effect and no porcelain up your nose. 😉

  2. My mother loves her neti pot. I cannot bring myself to try it because I hate the sensation of water up my nose and am afraid it will go that way instead of out. Also it is slightly gross to me…but maybe that is just me.
    In the box….maybe it is a leg lamp…you know it’s a major award? No wait that comes in a large crate from the country Fragile. Sorry I am of no help at all.

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