25 Reasons…

This post was entirely inspired by my blogger friend, Comfortably Domestic (sorry, I can’t find the original 25 Things post).

Raising a puppy is hard work.  It sucks up all of your energy until you are a zombie.  Nothing is harder than being a zombie, except for living with another zombie.

Jonathan and I are two crazy zombies walking around in a daze.

I was saving this post until Christmas, but I think it’s time to post a little early to remind myself of why I’m here.  In California.  With a 6’2″ Asian man.  And a pug puppy.

25 Reasons my Boyfriend is Wonderful:

1-He brings me coffee on random mornings.

2-The dates he plans are always adventurous.

3-He asked my dad’s permission before moving in with me.

4-He likes the idea of dressing Josie in booties for cold weather.

5-He talks about camping gear and frequently stops by REI, even though he’s the most “indoors kid” I’ve ever met.

6-He loves his family.  And my family.

7-He rubs my back whenever I ask him (and if I have puppy dog eyes).

8-He eats all of the food I cook with a smile.  This came in very handy when I attempted orange chicken the other night.  blergh

9-He *reluctantly* gets pedicures.  Now he loves them.

10-He drops everything he’s doing to help friends and I don’t think he’s missed a birthday party yet!

11-He helps me with blog ideas and listens to my constant bloggy-babble.  Sometimes even letting me read funny Pioneer Woman posts outloud.

12-If he gets a mosquito bite, it will swell up to the size of a baseball and it’s pathetically adorable.

13-He waves his head back and forth like a happy puppy when he is pleased.  This is hard to explain without seeing it, but imagine the look of a puppy when you scratch their chin.

14-He drags me to chick flicks and I drag him to action movies.

15-That Asian smell 🙂

16-His tootie booty.

17-The chickenpox scar above his right eyebrow.

18-His great memory for facts and details.  Dude knows everything, I swear.

19-The way he constantly searches for my hand to hold.

20-The way our taste buds are so similar, especially when it comes to wine.  This comes in handy when you want to buy a few bottles.

21-His nickname for our herbs is “our babies” and his nickname for Josie is “tacoface”.

22-In order to visit me in Minnesota, he bought huge snowboots (yes, from REI).

23-His earlobes.  So soft.

24-His third nipple (aka his “nubbin”…he’s gonna kill me).

25-The way he has memorized every D-list actor in existence.

I could go on.

and on.

But I won’t.

I love him.

For those of you with significant others, what are your reasons?


9 thoughts on “25 Reasons…

    • So easy and fun! It’s funny, the response from my readers was “awwww”, my response from Jonathan was “you just HAD to include my third nipple!!!”

  1. After you described yourself as being in California with a 6’2″ Asian Man and a Puppy I didn’t even need to read any further. But then I did anyway.


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