Replanting our little herbs

Awhile back I posted about my new baby herb…well friends, that petite sprout is now a whole jungle of sprouts!  (btw–the first set of herbs died due to overwatering, so this is my second attempt)

Notice the new netting for Josie? Yeah, that's Jonathan's masterpiece.

It was finally time (or maybe a little past due) to replant those little pellets from the Home Depot “greenhouse” to something more appropriate.

We found these window boxes at Home Depot:

I didn’t like the look of them at all at first, but they have blended in really well with our other balcony decor.  Although, now that I see them online, I realize they only have 1 out of 5 star reviewed haha.  We’ll see how long they survive.

They aren't the most sturdy things, but they were easy to install (says Jon...this is so not a "Doe Job")

Replanting was very easy.

How to replant Jiffy herb pellets:
1) Two big window boxes were just barely big enough to house our 25 pellets.  Make sure you have enough room!
2)Fill window boxes with dirt.  1 cubic foot of soil was perfect.
3) Take the netting off of the pellets.
4) Dig holes deep enough for each of your pellets to fit in.
5) Set pellet in the hole and gently pat soil around the pellet.
6) Water the whole thing.


Here’s to hoping these puppies survive!  I’m really jonesin’ for some truly homemade pesto.

What projects have been on your list lately?  Do you have “Doe Jobs” and “Buck Jobs”??



10 thoughts on “Replanting our little herbs

    • hahaha I’m glad somebody is on the same page as me!
      It’s not that I’m not capable of using tools to install window boxes, it’s just that that is not what I want to spend my time doing. Right?

  1. I love that you call them doe and buck jobs. We sort of have them? Mostly I avoid anything involving any sort of physical labor. Or tools.

    The window planters are adorable.

    • same here. If you give them a label like “buck jobs” and “doe jobs” it’s much easier to refuse to do something by calling it a “buck job”. Just a tip for the future.

  2. What a great idea, this way you can have fresh herbs all the time! I have to admit, I buy mine at the grocery store=/ Though, I have a feeling that if they were my own, home grown hers, I’d never actually have the heart to put them in a meal=)

    I like your blog, very nice and personal<3

    Kind wishes,

    • That’s the hope, but I am already having a hard time with the idea of eating them. haha I call them “my babies” for goodness sake! I could never live on a farm.
      Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to check out your blog too 🙂

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