Even MORE holiday gift ideas!

I always have trouble thinking of gift ideas, but somehow I was on a roll this year.  For all my readers that also have a hard time thinking of ideas, hopefully these will spark your creativity!

For the not-so-avid novel reader, get a year’s subscription to a magazine.  Some of my top choices:

Speaking of memberships…another great gift is AAA membership for a year.  My parents usually get me AAA membership for my birthday, and I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated that.  Keys locked in car?  AAA!  Flat tire? AAA!  Stuck in a snowbank?  AAA!  (not to mention the awesome discounts AAA provides)

To keep the men in your life happy, a brand new grill set:

For Christmas last year I gave my boyfriend a “Stuff White People Like” desk calendar.  I think he gets a big kick out of it because several times a week he’ll say, “Hey Mads, what do you think about themed gift packages?”  Then we’ll get into a 20 minute diatribe about how I love them, but it doesn’t mean that I fit all white stereotypes.  We laugh…because I do.

Anyway, if you are white (I mean, big into themed gifts), here are some themed package ideas:

-Movie-goer kit: Popcorn bucket filled with candy and 2 tickets to the movies.
-Baker kit: Ball jar filled with layers of dry ingredients needed for cookies, cookie cutters, and a silicone cookie sheet.
-Spa day kit: Pedicure gift card, bath bubbles, and sleep mask.
-Manly man kit: Mini bottle of cologne, wallet, and flask.
-For the kids kit: Pillow pet, Silly Bandz, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid books

Have fun with the holidays!



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