Walking a puppy

Ahhh the joys of raising a puppy.  Their cute little paws.  Their fresh puppy smell.  The teeny tiny poops and piddles.  Adorable.  Walking a puppy on a leash?  NOT adorable.

For those of you that don’t already know, I’m hear to explain the joys of walking a puppy.

It goes something like this:

1) Attach leash while puppy attempts to gnaw off your hand.

2) Run with the puppy like a champ to the patch of grass outside.

3) Wait for puppy to do business, then praise highly and give treats.

4)  Call puppy for five minutes to move in any direction.  Puppy sits and stares.

5)  Puppy finally decides to walk somewhere and promptly eats something off the ground.

6)  Puppy eats grass.

7) Puppy eats other dog’s poo.

8)  Puppy eats rock.

9)  Puppy eats leaf.


11)  Continue walking 10 feet until a driveway peaks puppy’s curiosity for 5 minutes.

12)  Yank on leash until puppy decides to walk 3 more feet and sit down.

13)  Sigh.  Pick puppy up.  Walk home defeated.

14)  Clean up piddle puppy decided to do on the carpet immediately after her 30 minutes outside.

15)  Repeat every 2 hours.

Do you want to buy a dog yet?

However, I am happy to report that she is now walking like a CHAMP!  I came down with a serious head cold that had me knocked out most of the past week.  Luckily Jonathan channels Cesar Milan and had her trained in the time it took me to recover!

He is simply wonderful.

Josie and I walked for 40 minutes straight with only a few gentle tugs in the right direction.

Again, he is simply wonderful.




Tips for getting a puppy to walk on a leash:

-Let the puppy wear the leash around the house for a few hours at a time.  One of the biggest problems is that they aren’t born knowing what a leash is for.  Josie was chewing on hers like crazy, but within 2 days she was trotting around with it and napping with it.

-Give treats and praise whenever puppy is walking nicely.

-Don’t let puppy lead the way or tell you when to stop.  You tell puppy when to stop.  If they are tugging on the leash, just stop walking until they sit and calm down.

-We increased the pace.  I think she thought our slow walking meant that she could feel free to chomp up debris and laze about.  This was probably our biggest problem and we didn’t hear anything about it on the internet or in books (boo on you Cesar!).

-Spray your shoes with bitter apple or rub some hand sanitizer on there.  Our puppy loves to bite toes and shoes and that can really slow down a walk.


7 thoughts on “Walking a puppy

  1. Yay for raising a puppy! Despite the stress and minor annoyances when they’re young, if you train them properly (a la channeling Cesar Milan), they turn into the best furry companions you could ask for 🙂 Glad you’re having fun with it!

    • Thanks! It’s hard work, but I think she’s turning into a pretty good dog. Although, I hear the teenage phase is even harder than the puppy phase. We’ll see…

    • Yeah, everyone on that show is like, “I thought he had some magic trick, but it’s just about being calm and assertive.” My ASS!!!
      hahaha seriously though, I don’t know how he does it.

  2. haha, I love #10. We used to live in Harlem and for some reason there were ALWAYS chicken bones littering the ground. It probably had to do with the wing shop around the corner (duh). Well, chicken bones are terrible for dogs. I don’t know how many times I pried a bone out of his little mouth (and then promptly sanitized my hands – gross).

    Keep up the good work. Pugs are stubborn little things, I know from experience.


    • Ewwww!
      I’ve also had to pry countless cigarette butts out of her mouth.
      Dogs are sickos.
      Although it was very adorable the first time she looked up at me with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth the correct way haha

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